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Manetane is your everyday health & wellness supplement plus hair nutrients.  Add her to your daily routine to promote healthier, thicker, stronger hair.  

Your journey to a flawless mane starts within in. Our formula is infused with all natural ingredients that combat nutritional deficiencies that contribute to thinning and breakage prone hair. 


Commit to her everyday for the best results. 

Serving Size 4. Contains 30 Days of Capsules 

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All of our ingredients are specially curated to supply nutrients, support the healthy function of hair follicles, promote hormonal balance, and reduce the effects of oxidative stress from free radicals.

  • Saw Palmetto

    DHT blocker to help prevent hair loss

  • Ashwagandha

    Stress reducer and antioxidant 

  • Horsetail

    Boosts circulation and hair growth

  • He Shou Wu

    Shifts follicles into the growth phase

  • Ginseng

    Helps to reduce oxidative stress

  • Reishi

    Encourages blood circulation to scalp

  • Black Pepper

    Promotes absorption of nutrients 

  • Vitamins

    A, C, D, E, K2, B12, B6, Biotin, Zinc

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FAQs about Manetane

Who can use Manetane?

Manetane doesn't discriminate. We recommend Manetane No. 01 for any and all pronouns.

How soon can I see results from Manetane?

The first thing you will notice is less shedding. You will be able to see results in 4 weeks with regular use of Manetane No. 01. We recommend taking for a minimum of 3-6 months to see optimal results.

Is Manetane for me?

☑️ You are experiencing shedding or thinning hair

☑️ You are affected by COVID-19 hair loss

☑️ You are ready for healthier hair

How can I learn more about Manetane?

Learn more about Manetane → here

Manetane Real Results Before and After


"Manetane for me has been night and day. I cannot believe it - I am so absolutely in love with this product. I am opening my second month's supply today. I am swearing by it, I am getting my hair back and that's all that matters."

- Ali R.